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The Americans Season 4

Martha is upset when Philip relates Gene's role in protecting her. The trip to Germany has repercussions for the Jennings family. Gabriel tells Elizabeth and Philip about William, who has samples of US biological weaponry, which they are to acquire. Back in USSR, Nina continues to leech onto Anton for her own freedom... or does she have another agenda? Pastor Tom continues to pry information out of a guilty and confused Paige, but they do not know the phone is bugged. Philip and Elizabeth have numerous problems meeting William without a tail. Either his new openness with Martha or his talent for killing are causing Philip to have very bad dreams about his childhood. Arkady is upset when he learns Tatiana is from the secret "Dept. 12." Elizabeth and Philip make the acquaintance of "burkholderia mallei." A distraught Stan accuses Philip of sleeping with Sandra, as he was not honest with Stan about continuing EST and Elizabeth does not even know.